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Past events


Temaki Sushi Party

【2020.3】First party for our new staff Hayato (with the dreadlock!) Looks like he had a lot fun making his own sushi!


Takoyaki Party

【2019.8】We mixed super spicy takoyaki in one of them. Who's had it? Check our instagram( to find out! 


Happy Halloween!♪

【2018.10】It's getting colder and colder these days here in Japan...!

One of the best seasons 'autumn' has come:) We decorated the front and each floor with Halloween goods!


Valentine's Day 

【2020.2】Chocolate fondue party on Valentine's day. We bonded well and even went to Izakaya together afterwards!


Calligraphy Experience

【2019.3】It might be hard to write down Japanese for foreign guest, but everyone seems to have done a pretty good job here. 


Sumida Fireworks

【2018.7】​We enjoyed fireworks from the Sky lounge! Thank you for coming!


Oden Party

【2020.2】It was especially cold on this day. Oden was just what we needed to warm up ourselves.


Rice Cake Pounding!

【2019.2】We joined a rice cake pounding event!

Sumo wrestlers and some of our guests pounded mochi. We ate them and chanko-nabe, too! Thank you very much for everyone:)

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